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    Working in the industry for over 20 years, I have definitely learned the hard way! I knew there was a better way for System Design, that rules of thumb are not 'good enough'. Years of learning and teaching system design has led me to this way of reaching the most students...

  • Residential Duct Design

    Learn how to calculate the Friction Rate for your job (not all jobs are .10"), including basics like Available Static Pressure and Total Equivalent Length, before diving into Sizing Duct Runs and Trunks.

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"My understanding of proper duct sizing is improved." - Norm Belanger

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Get complete access to our Residential Duct Design Course for 180 Days. Includes Access to our Facebook Community Page, Video Lessons, Short Learning Quizzes, and Downloadable PDF Copies of the Lessons with links to Additional Resources on most.

Course curriculum

Available Static Pressure, Total Equivalent Length, Calculating Friction Loss, Using a Duct Calculator, Sizing Duct Runs, Verifying Velocity, Sizing Trunk Ducts, Applying to Low-Static Air Handlers

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Don't have another sleepless night wondering if you will have call-backs, or using rules of thumb because you haven't! Manual D is a Code Requirement (IRC/IMC)!

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